Meet Robert

Robert Doyal

A word from Robert Doyal,
our founder and digital success navigator

Client journey hands of love

Why are you passionate about the work you do?

I am passionate about helping people and guiding them in the best direction possible given their current situation. Throughout my career, I have seen my passion play out time and time again. I have walked into many businesses and organizations treading lightly on their unstable digital foundation. I have been able to help stabilize things by mapping out a strategic plan for achieving digital success while working collaboratively with key stakeholders. Our efforts have been recognized with industry awards and recognitions. My impact tends to live on long after I’ve departed. It brings me great joy in knowing I was able to help in my own authentic way. This has truly allowed me to follow my internal compass to discover joy and happiness. The character strengths at the core of my being serve me well — zest, kindness, creativity, gratitude, curiosity, and humor. I practice these strengths on a daily basis and get super energized when I can put them to use by serving others.
Client journey hands of love

How do you help your clients?

My clients are often confused, frustrated, and a bit overwhelmed by the time they reach me. They’ve typically tried to implement too many digital tools and strategies without a solid plan to succeed. They are so far off course, they now find themselves wading in the murky waters of little hope. They’ve lost their way with no sense of true direction. Most of my clients know they need help but aren’t quite sure where to even start. I help them navigate back on course by understanding their challenges and perceived obstacles, developing an action plan to overcome their challenges, eliminating complex and unnecessary digital tools, providing industry insight, and suggesting new and innovative ways of running their online business. Clients appreciate my 20+ years of real-world experience working in IT, communications, and marketing. When we work together collaboratively, I am able to provide clarity, direction, and confidence for my clients. They leave our session with restored confidence, revived dreams, and an optimistic future which provides me with unbelievable energy, joy, and happiness.

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